expert services & solutions
for the electrical distribution sector

PROTASIS provides a wide range of expert services for Electricity Distribution Companies (EDCOs) including assessments, consulting, engineering design, testing, maintenance, training and support of operations to satisfy the strategic and operational requirements of any Distribution Network.

Our consultants will assess your infrastructure and provide comprehensive solutions, technical support and training to effectively maintain, modernize, monitor and manage your facility's electrical installations.

Our expert services, set up t o ensure the overall quality, safety and reliability of your installation, are divided into three distinctive areas:

1. Electrical Protection, Control & Automation Systems

Our Power Systems Applications department (PSA) combines the qualifications of a Systems Integrator with those of an experienced Engineering & Consulting company.

Without being affiliated or committed to any manufacturer, PROTASIS SA develops turn-key projects, solves problems and provides technical solutions and support in a number of areas related to the Distribution Network's infrastructure and operation Management.

In detail, our services encompass:

  • Distribution Management Systems (DMS)
  • Regional Control Centers (RCC)
  • Substation Automation Systems (SAS)
  • Distribution Network Control Schemes (i.e. self-healing)
  • Testing, Maintenance, Commissioning of protection relays
  • Upgrade of existing Protection, Automation, Telecommunication & Control Systems
  • Upgrade and optimization of existing protection schemes and protection / control philosophy
  • Establishing communication links to transfer data between substations and RCCs
  • Integration of field equipment (i.e. Circuit Breakers, Reclosers, Sectionalizers, Load break switches) in RCCs
  • Support of Operation for DMS or other SCADA applications

2. Electrical Operation Studies, Consulting & Support

Our Power Systems Studies & Consulting department (PSS&C) has the knowledge and experience to model any complex Distribution Network and then run the necessary Studies for any type of Distribution Network including those with DG, RES and SES.

Our independent services include:

  • Operation Studies:

    • Load flow
    • Short Circuit Calculations
    • Protection Coordination
    • Voltage Profile Analysis
    • Power Quality Measurements & Harmonic Penetration Analysis
    • Reliability
    • Capacitor placement Arc-Flash
  • Customized Training programs combining theory and practice on Distribution Network operation studies, protection, communication and control.

3. Energy Metering & IT Systems

Having experience in development, operation and support of Telemetering Systems, our Metering & IT Applications department (M&ITA) develops solutions, solves problems and provides support in all aspects of a modern AMR-MDM System designed for the demanding environment of Electrical Distribution Networks.

Our services include:

  • Automatic Metering Reading (AMR) and Data collection systems
  • Telecommunication links (GSM, GPRS, 3G, PLC, ETHERNET and RF) for transferring data (recording, measurements, load profiles, etc.)
  • Meter & Energy Data Management Systems (MDM, EDM)
  • Databases
  • Network Security
  • Interface with other IT systems (billing, asset management SCADA systems)
  • Asset Management Solutions
  • Meter Integration
  • System, Network, Database and Application Administration
  • Independent Meter Reading & Data Management
  • Training
  • Operation Support

Contact our company for more information and details on how we can better serve your Distribution Network needs and solve important aspects challenging your Operations.